About Me

Hello beautiful people!

I love everything pastry, sweet, dessert and cakes- so much, that I decided to obtain a Pastry diploma after my Scientific Baccalauréat. I am passionate about food and my wonderful daddy raised my brothers and I to care about the environment and the earth in general-including all its inhabitants- so it is logically that I became a vegan, having a plant-based diet. When I took this decision, I realised that because most of the cakes/desserts/treats I was baking all contained dairy and/or eggs, I could not do them anymore…”Zut” as would say the French! So I read, read, read many articles about vegan diet and realised that making delicious desserts without eggs, butter or any dairy product is POSSIBLE 🙂 You can replace them by so many different ingredients! This is where and when I decided to started this adventure: by sharing recipes of delicious vegan desserts with everyone I want to show that vegan is not boring and that you can indulge yourself with a nice cake without using any dairy and eggs.

The name “Kenko Oishi” comes from the Japanese words “Kenkoo” which mean “healthy” and “Oishii” which means “Delicious”, as I truly believe that plant-based/vegan diet is a healthy one, but that you can still cook delicious and tasty treats. I hope you will enjoy the recipes, and I am happy to hear your comments/feedbacks as well as pictures of recipes you have tried! 😉


Instagram: Oishi_Vegan


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