Rhubarb crumble (vegan & gluten free)

Hello sweet people,
I have always loved rhubarb but never really used it in my desserts as back home it is not easy to find it in supermarkets. So when I saw that in the UK rhubarb is a big thing (the famous rhubarb and custard :-)), I got inspired and bought a bunch at the supermarket.
As rhubarb is slightly tangy, my idea was to match it with something more sweet to balance the acidity and sweetness. I also wanted to have different textures in the dessert to make it more interesting to the palate. Crumble seemed like the perfect idea to me: the rhubarb would become like a tangy and smooth puree whilst the crumble on top would bring crunchiness and would bring a sweet flavour. I put my apron on and tun the oven, the crumble was on its way 🙂

The result is up to my expectations and I am happy to share this recipe with you. It is the perfect treat with a cup of a tea and a good book or after a nice meal with some friends.

It is vegan (egg free, dairy free and cruelty free) and gluten-free (although you can use wheat flour if you prefer).



For the rhubarb puree:

-400 g of rhubarb (3 big sticks)

-65 g of brown sugar

For the crumble dough:

-125 g of brown sugar

-80 g of gluten free oats (or normal oats if you prefer)

-65 g of rice flour (or any gluten-free flour, or wheat flour)

-40 g of melted coconut oil

How to proceed:

Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Clean the rhubarb and cut it into small slices. Put it in a square baking tin so that it is spread up until halfway and mix it with the brown sugar. Set aside.

Prepare the crumble dough by mixing in a jar the brown sugar with the flour and oats, and then pour the melted coconut oil while mixing, it should not form a dough but crumbles (and that is what we want 🙂 ). Using your hands, sprinkle the crumble over the rhubarb mix, covering it all.

Put the baking tin in the oven for 40 minutes, remove and let it cool down for 15-30 mins, and VOILA! you can enjoy it (fits perfectly with vegan vanilla ice cream or whipped coconut cream).


Perfect Occasions for this vegan rhubarb crumble:

-tea time, afternoon tea

-dessert after lunch or dinner



Pour la rhubarbe:

-400 g de rhubarbe (3 grandes branches)

-65 g de sucre roux

Pour la pâte à crumble:

-125 g de sucre roux

-80 g de flocons d’avoine sans gluten (ou normal si vous préférez)

-65 g de farine de riz (ou toute autre farine sans gluten, ou de la farine de blé)

-40 g d’huile de noix de coco fondue


Préchauffer votre four à 180 ° C.

Nettoyer la rhubarbe et la couper en petits morceaux. Verser dans un moule à gâteau carré de manière à ce que la rhubarbe s’étale jusqu’à mi-hauteur du moule et mélanger avec le sucre roux. Mettre de côté.

Préparer la pâte à crumble en mélangeant dans un saladier le sucre roux avec de la farine et les flocons d’avoine, puis versez l’huile de noix de coco fondue tout en mélangeant, des morceaux de pâte doivent se former. Saupoudrer ces morceaux de crumble sur le mélange de rhubarbe, de manière à tout recouvrir.

Mettre à cuire pendant 40 minutes, retirer et laisser refroidir pendant 15-30 minutes, et voilà! vous pouvez déguster votre crumble (à accompagner d’une crème glacée à la vanille vegan ou de crème de noix de coco fouettée).

Occasions parfaites pour ce crumble à la rhubarbe végétalien:

-goûter, afternoon tea

-dessert après le déjeuner ou le dîner


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